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  • Industrial / Manufacturing ApplicationsSpeciality - Heat Resistance upto 400° C
  • Automotive IndustrySpeciality - Heat Resistance upto 400° C
  • Energy IndustrySpeciality - Heat Resistance upto 400° C
  • Marin IndustrySpeciality - Heat Resistance upto 400° C
  • Solar Panels / Wind MillsSpeciality - Heat Resistance upto 400° C

About Universal Coating Solution

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Universal Coating Solution

These are the preferred coatings for fasteners and other parts in the automotive industry, as they offer various advantages:

  • Good appearance (colouring)
  • Very good protection against corrosion (240 - 1, 500 hours, depending on specification and coating thickness)
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Good friction characteristics (on bolts and nuts)
  • No warm-loosening torque
  • No risk for high-strength fasteners of any hydrogen embrittlement
  • Electric conductivity
  • Other assembly properties


Universal Coating Solution
  • SST 500 – 1000 hrs. As per customer's requirements.
  • COF control from 0.08 to 0.20
  • Chrome free Coating
  • Coating Compliance with ROHS, EVL, REACH, WEEE
  • Bright Silver & Black Finishes
  • Freedom from hydrogen embrittlement.
  • Barrier as well as cathodic protection.
  • Coating Suitability for high temp. Application Up to 350C.
  • Coating process environmental friendly, no release of hazardous gases, liquid, or solid.
  • Good UV resistance / abrasion resist.
  • Suitability for multiple torquing.
  • Suitable for applications in Marine, Industrial, Humid, Coastal environments.
  • High heat resistance coatings systems.

Applications for Zinc Flake Coating

Zinc flake coatings are applied to a variety of parts and system components used in a diverse set of industrial applications, including :

Universal Coating Solution

For Automotive Industry

Automotive sub-frames, chassis assemblies, fasteners, springs

Universal Coating Solution

For MEP Industry

Construction building components

Universal Coating Solution

For Commercial / Recreational Applications

Home appliances

Universal Coating Solution

For Industrial / Manufacturing Applications

Threaded fasteners, small integrated components such as bolts, nuts, pressings, springs, and clips

Universal Coating Solution

For Utilities and Energy Industry

Wind energy generators

Universal Coating Solution


Pipe Coating, Nut Bolts & Other Parts