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Universal coating solution
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Our Vision

We make better life for every metal part.

Universal Coating Solution

Our Mission

Make every metal parts anti corrosive by way of smart & eco friendly technology.

Plant Equipments

  • Alkaline degreasing facility
  • Phosphating facility
  • Shot blasting Machine with SS Shot
  • Auto Dip Spin Coating Plant
  • Spray Booth
  • Baking Oven ( Conveyorised Baking Oven )

Onsite Testing

  • Viscosity check
  • Solid Content Check
  • MEK rub test
  • Adhesion Test
  • Coating Thickness check
  • Chemical / Fuel resistance check

What is zinc flake coating?

Zinc flake coating is an anti-rust coating applied with state-of-the-art coating techniques, like dip-spin, rack dip-spin or fully automated spray processes, Universal Coating Solution offers these processes at its Pune plant.

Zinc flake coating is used to reliably protect high-tensile steels, aluminum alloys and die-cast zinc against anti-rust. When opting for this non-electrolytic coating solution, the risk of hydrogen embrittlement in the base material is minimized. Originally designed as a chromium VI-free alternative to electroplating, zinc flake anti-rust coating has become well established due to its wide range of uses in the automotive sector and other applications. Zinc flake coatings are applied using state-of-the-art dip-spin, dip coating or fully automated wet coating processes.

It depends totally on the field of application, Universal Coating Solution also offer various pre-treatments, such as degreasing, Shotblasting and phosphating. In order to find the base and top layer solution that best suit your components, we will provide you with individual advice and work with you to define relevant work steps from initial sampling to serial production. Upon request, we will complete our technical services through a logistical concept with pick-up and delivery services tailored to your needs. We apply zinc foil coating using bulk dipping processes, rack dipping techniques and (fully automated) spray methods.

zinc flake coating

Even the samallest components, such as nuts and bolts, must be adequately prodected from corrosion to avoid compromising the intergrity of the entire system or structure. Zine flake coating is an ideal solution for these applications. When a zinc flake coated part is exposed to a corrosive compound, the zinc sacrifices itself to protect the base metal.


Apart from high corrosion protection, the outstanding properties of zinc flake coating also include constant coefficients of friction, dimensional accuracy and individual coloring. Not only is this surface coating free from chromium VI, but its zinc and aluminum flakes offer cathodic corrosion protection. Hydrogen embrittlement, as known from electroplated zinc layers, does not occur. By applying specifically developed combination layers, it is moreover possible to achieve good non-stick properties and to optimize the zinc flake coating gliding properties.

A few characteristics at a glance :

  • Long-term corrosion protection under cyclic loads
  • > 1,000h free from red rust in the salt spray test (DIN EN ISO 9227)
  • Delayed formation of red & white rust and contact corrosion
  • Resistance to chemicals (acids, alkalis, cleaners, oils, gasoline)
  • Thin layer thicknesses (6 – 25 µm) are possible
  • Topcoats for Duplex coatings and non-ferrous metals
  • Temperature resistance (180 – 300 °C, depending on the product)
  • Process temperatures from air drying to thermal cross-linking

Base materials

Aluminum alloys, steel, stainless steel and die-cast zinc are among the base materials suitable for zinc flake coating.


Zinc flake coatings are applied to a variety of parts and system components used in a diverse set of industrial applications, including :

  • For automotive industry : Automotive sub-frames, chassis assemblies, fasteners, springs
  • For MEP industry : Construction building components
  • For commercial / recreational applications : Home appliances
  • For industrial / manufacturing applications : Threaded fasteners, small integrated components such as bolts, nuts, pressings, springs, and clips
  • For utilities and energy industry : Wind energy generators
  • For PTFE : Pipe Coating, Nut Bolts & Other Parts