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It is one of the world's generally pursued non stick items. PTFE or Polytetrafluoroethylene are prevalent non stick fluoropolymer coatings with a truly tough dainty film covering and have remarkable delivery properties and can withstand a most extreme use temperature of 500°F, higher than some other fluoropolymer. It is normally applied to a thickness of around 1 mil. These items have the most elevated working temperature of any fluoropolymer and have an amazingly low coefficient of contact, great scraped area opposition and substance obstruction. This covering is ordinarily utilized where a smooth, low contact, consumption safe covering is essential. Quite possibly the most well known employments of PTFE coating is for non stick applications or any application requiring a food grade covering. Except if it is warmed more than 300º C, PTFE is a dormant, steady and non risky material. On the off chance that someone did, PTFE corruption would deliver some steam which, despite the fact that it's not exceptionally risky for human wellbeing, it's not prescribed to superfluously breath it.